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Creating a Hotel

Actualizado: 13 de oct de 2020

It is a daunting prospect investing everything in a new country. And everyone has heard the horror stories about failed constructions, legal setbacks and lost money.

But it doesn't have to be that way! Here are our top survival tips, learnt through our experiences so far.

Survival Tips

  • Research as much as you can about laws and regulations relevant to your project

  • Seek local advice and talk to people about their experiences of similar projects

  • Get personal recommendations and credentials for contractors and suppliers

  • Meet with as many contractors as possible before you decide who to work with

  • Know what your vision is and make sure your contractors understand it too

  • Be onsite as much as you can to make sure things are running smoothly

  • Have regular conversations to identify problems and find solutions

  • Lastly - and probably most importantly - be flexible and be patient!

We used OSB for our construction. Silvia and the team were professional, reliable and always on hand to answer questions and find solutions.

Thanks to them, we are on the way to achieving our dream here in Costa Rica.

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